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Vacuum Forming Industries KhavarVacuum, thanks to God Almighty, has more than fifteen years of experience in the field of packaging services and manufacturing of vacuum forming machines and devices. And has been able to take a successful step in our country's packaging and manufacturing industries with experienced staff and advanced equipment and a combination of creativity and technology.

Vacuum forming is one of the oldest and best ways to process plastic materials. Products that are designed and produced in this way are always in touch with us and play an important role in our daily lives.

One of the methods of processing plastic materials in the field of packaging is vacuum thermal forming (vacuum forming), which is used by the vacuum forming industry of KhavarVacuum in providing packaging services.

Vacuum forming is one of the best ways to package products such as cosmetics, tools, food, sweets and chocolates, electronic products, toys, car accessories, and so on. Many plastic parts, from disposable containers to egg wrappers and the like, are made this way.

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* What is vacuum forming?

Vacuum forming is a process in which a plastic sheet is heated enough to be soft and flexible with a special heater during different stages, and in the next step, by creating negative pressure by drawing air through a number of holes, the plastic sheet is heated on a cold mold. It sits, eventually the plastic sheet cools and hardens and takes the form of a mold.

* Vacuum forming is very economical!

Because it is a very low cost process, easy, widely used and has high power and speed in the production of small plastic parts and there is no alternative to this technology! One of the main advantages of vacuum forming is the high speed and power in the production of plastic parts and its cost is significantly cheaper compared to injection molding.

* Advantages of vacuum forming:

This process has advantages, some of the most important of which are:

Cost-effectiveness: due to the use of simple and low-cost equipment, and the use of low-cost plastic materials and recycling of waste from the final product.

Save time: This process is the fastest method of processing plastic materials and is one of the fastest methods in terms of design and production time.

Precise design: Products and parts produced by this process are much more accurate and convenient than other methods.

Flexible design: In this process, using pre-production mold design, the product prototype can be examined from any point of view and the design can be changed if necessary.

High production capacity: This process has high speed and power due to the use of integrated plastic sheet and continuous production.


This process has many applications and uses, some of the most important of which are:

Packaging industry: making disposable containers, folding packages, shell and bubble (blister), cosmetic stand, chocolate stand.

Agriculture: Seed planting trays, pots, small dome greenhouses.

Medical and hospital industries: medical trays, medicine packaging

Home and kitchen utensils: place for kitchen spoons and forks, compartments and utensils.

Panel making: Production of prominent letters and shapes in panel making.

Electronics industry: production of enclosures and protectors for electronic equipment, production of antistatic trays.

* Type of vacuum forming packaging:

There are several types, which we will discuss below:

Card packaging: This type of packaging is the most used and is used for packaging consumer goods such as toys, children's items, tools, electrical appliances, etc. In this type of packaging, between a shaped plastic shell (PVC), a sheet of cardboard, which is usually printed, is placed, and a hole is usually made on top of it, which can be hung in the store.

Shell or folding packaging: Shell or folding packaging is a type of packaging that is used from a one-piece container with a hinged state to store different products. This type of packaging is mostly used for food products such as beans, nuts, fruits, etc.

Stands: This type of packaging is a kind of cardboard packaging supplement and is mostly used for sweets and chocolates.

Then look at the pictures of the products to understand the difference between the packages.

* Vacuum forming process

1- Formatting

First, the desired mold is placed in the mold section and then the plastic sheet is placed in the sheet holder.

2- Close a sheet or film

Here, a plastic sheet made of PVC, HP, PET, ABS, high impact, crystal or گیر is placed in the sheet. The sheet holder should be strong enough to ensure that the plastic sheet is held firmly during the forming process. Then, according to the thickness of the plastic sheet (6 mm or 10 mm), it should be given adequate heat.

3- Heating

The plastic sheet is then heated enough by a heater mounted on a plate on top of the sheet to make it soft and flexible. In order to achieve the best shaping result, the entire surface of the plastic sheet must be heated evenly and properly. To achieve this goal, temperature and heating time regulators must be available in our device. For thick plastic sheets, high heat and strong heater are required.

4- Vacuum forming (vacuum forming)

When the plastic sheet is properly heated, it is ready for molding and molding.

At this stage, the cold mold comes in contact with the heated and flexible sheet and immediately evacuates a vacuum pump (air) between the sheet and the mold. The sheet then sits completely on the mold and takes the shape of the mold.

5- Cooling and releasing (feet) The plastic sheet must be cooled before being released by the refrigerant after the formation is complete. To speed up this stage, there are automatic fans and air

pistols that are used after the formation is completed.

After cooling, the sheet can be removed from the mold by feet.

6 - Cutting, removal of additives and assembly (last step)

Once the sheet has formed and cooled, after separation from the mold, the sheet additions are cut, and if other items such as drilling, printing and assembly are required, these are also applied to obtain the final product.

* Why vacuum forming ?:

It is affordable

Vacuum forming is one of the most cost-effective ways of packaging, because the equipment used in this process is not very complicated and is relatively inexpensive.

High speed and power in production

This process is the fastest way to process plastic materials and produce plastic parts and there is no alternative to it.

* Necessity and importance of product packaging:

Packaging is one of the most sensitive and at the same time the most decisive steps in the supply and consumption of goods. It is so important that it even affects the quality and content of some materials and many consumers attribute part of the quality to its packaging. Packaging means designing and producing a container or cover for a product. The packaging should actually describe the product and, with its appearance, convince the buyer that the product is reliable.

For some companies, packaging can set them apart from the competition and give them a competitive edge. Innovative packaging can even change consumers' perceptions of the product and create a shopping opportunity. Therefore, KhavarVacuum Forming Vacuum Industries has the ability to package zero to one hundred products with the best price and quality in the fastest possible time, using young and specialized personnel and scientific and practical knowledge.

* Packaging benefits:

  • Possibility of storing and protecting the product against chemical, physical, mechanical factors for a long time
  • Better engineering form, resulting in more layout and order
  • Better performance and ease of use
  • Easy transportation and reduce the risk of damage from various environmental factors
  • Easier distribution
  • More sales
  • Waste reduction
  • Help the consumer to make informed purchases
  • Help increase income and employment levels
  • Environmental Protection
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