PVC film

Product features

  • Persian equivalent: پی وی سی
  • Uses: vacuum forming packaging, use in containers and outer covers, planting trays
  • Strength: resistant to impact
  • Density: 1.37 g/cm3
  • Brand: Simona, Palram
  • Malleability: Relatively easy, but if burned, it gives hydrochloric acid
  • Colors: with different colors in thin and thick sheets
  • Moisture absorption: No
  • The temperature range of plasticity in vacuum forming: 140 to 190 degrees Celsius or 284 to 374 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Conclusion: Low popularity in the market – similar price to A-PET

PVC is transparent and comes in different colors, sizes and thicknesses. PVC film is less stretchy, impact resistant and cannot be metallized.

The melting temperature of PVC is higher than the melting temperature of PET. PVC has the ability to weld two layers together.

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