Vacuum forming (production of vacuum parts of PVC, PET, HP, ABS)

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Vacuum forming packaging

What is vacuum forming?

Vacuum forming It is a process in which a plastic sheet is heated until it becomes soft and flexible during different stages, and in the next stage, by creating negative pressure by drawing air through a number of holes, the heated plastic sheet sits on a cold mold, finally the sheet The plastic cools and hardens and takes the form of a mold.

Vacuum forming is one of the oldest methods of processing plastic materials. The products produced by this method are always connected with us and play an important role in our daily life.

One of the methods of processing plastic materials in the field of packaging is vacuum thermal forming (vacuum forming), which Vacuum Forming Industries uses this method in providing packaging services.

Vacuum forming is one of the best methods for packaging products such as cosmetics, tools, food, sweets and chocolates, electronic products, etc. Many plastic parts from disposable containers to egg packaging and the like are produced by vacuum forming.

The latest portfolio of vacuum forming