Design and manufacture of CNC vacuum molds

قالب وکیوم فرمینگ cnc
cnc vacuum forming mold

Khavar Vacuum Packaging Industries is able to design and manufacture CNC vacuum molds and castings.

The vacuum mold consists of two types of structures:
1- CNC:

CNC structure includes planning, design and machining. First, the desired mold is designed and planned, and then the CNC mold is machined on an aluminum sheet or billet by CNC. In this structure, there is so much precision and concentration in making the mold that it is possible to plan the making of the mold to the tenth and hundredth. For this reason, the quality of this type of structure is 50% better than the casting structure.

2- Casting:

Casting structure includes wooden model and casting. This structure is a traditional method and does not have high accuracy and focus. In this structure, to make a mold, molten material is poured into shaped sand to take the shape of a sand mold, and finally a vacuum mold is made.

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