Registered trademark

Full title: Vacuum Forming Industries KhavarVacuum

Company type: Domestic manufacturer

Property type: Private

Field of activity: packing and manufacturing of packaging machines

Type of legal entity: Private joint stock company

Organization type: Iranian company

Management: Hamid Moradian

Vacuum Forming Industries KhavarVacuum with the management of Hamid Moradian, thanks to God Almighty, has more than fifteen years of experience in the field of packaging services and manufacturing of vacuum forming machines. And has been able to take a successful step with experienced staff and up-to-date equipment and a combination of creativity and technology in the manufacturing industries of our ancient Iran.

Vacuum Forming Industries KhavarVacuum in the field of packaging is able to provide services such as the production of various types of vacuum forming parts PVC, PET, HP, production of cosmetic stands (with flock, velvet), design and manufacture of CNC vacuum forming molds, manufacturing Vacuum forming machines and heat presses (pneumatic and hydraulic), packaging in die-casting and selling PVC and HP films.

KhavarVacuum has participated in the International Printing and Packaging Exhibition every year.


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