Selling PVC film

فروش فیلم پی وی سی
Selling PVC film

Khavar Vacuum Packaging Industries is able to provide services in the sale of PVC, HP and PET film in different sizes and thicknesses.

PVC film

PVC film consists of different colors, sizes and thicknesses. PVC film has less elasticity and cannot be metallized.

PET film

Compared to PVC film, PET film has higher tensile strength and is also hygienic, for this reason, it is mostly used in the production of cosmetic-sanitary and candy and chocolate stands. One of the advantages and differences of PET film is its ability to be metallized, which PVC film does not have.

HP film

HP film is used for the production of disposable containers and also for the production of cosmetic-hygiene stands. In HP film, it is possible to use fluke and velvet coating in various colors.

HP film can also be laminated. In laminating, HD film is transformed from matte to glossy.

In PVC and PET films, it is not possible to use fluke and velvet coating.

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