Manufacture of vacuum forming machines

ساخت ماشین‌آلات وکیوم
Making vacuum forming machines

Vacuum forming machines produced by Khavar vacuum packaging industries:

1- Semi-automatic vacuum forming machine

2- Fully automatic vacuum forming machine

3- 6 ton hydraulic and pneumatic heat press machine (in four colors orange, blue, black and white)

4- Vacuum welding and sewing machine (High Frequency) (with the ability to weld two layers of vacuum PVC to each other)

5- Mini desktop sharing machine in dimensions 30*40

6- Rotary vacuum pumps (oil)

7- Screw compressor (piston compressed air production compressors)

Semi-automatic and fully automatic devices are complex devices. In these devices, a number of tasks are performed by the operator and some by the device, which are different according to the type of device: In semi-automatic devices, the percentage of work between the operator and the device is 50% to 50%. And in fully automatic devices, the percentage of operator and device work is 20% to 80%, respectively.

These devices consist of parts called mold, sheet holder and a heater. that first the mold is placed in the band mold section, then the sheet is placed in the sheet holder section, and then the plastic sheet is heated and softened by the heater, and finally the cold mold comes into contact with the heated and flexible sheet and in At the same time, the air between the mold and the sheet is discharged by the vacuum pump, and the plastic sheet takes the shape of the mold.

With its scientific and practical knowledge, Vacuum Forming Packaging Industries uses modern and practical facilities in providing packaging services and producing vacuum forming machines. And always provides its services with 100% quality.

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