Fully automatic vacuum forming machine

Product features

  • Application: automatic production of vacuum forming parts
  • Dimension of mold holder: 90 x 60
  • Type of consumable material: roll
  • Electric or gas heater
  • High production capacity
  • PLC controlled power system

The automatic vacuum forming machine is bigger than the semi-automatic machine, it has a higher production speed and it can be said that the operator’s involvement in this machine is 20% and most of the process is done by the machine itself.

This device includes a plate holder, a mold, a heater, a cooling gun and a vacuum pump, each of which has a specific function.

The production process in this machine is such that PVC film or other thermoplastics are automatically entered from one side of the machine, and after being vacuumed and shaped, they are taken out from the other side.

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