Physical and graphic design of packaging

The physical and graphic design of the packaging should be special and creative, to attract and encourage the consumer to buy at first glance. The design should be such that your product can be easily recognized and selected.

In many cases, it has been seen that the packaging is done with very low quality, while the product itself may be of good quality, but it has been seen that they have failed in the market and sales. Why, because the customer’s mind has gone to the point that due to the poor packaging, the quality of the product is also low.

Therefore, poor packaging is equal to failure in product sales, so it is better to pay attention to different packaging methods and choose a suitable physical and graphic design for your product before making a hasty decision.

In the following pictures, see some creative vacuum forming packaging.

بسته بندی خلاقانه هندزفری
Creative hands-free packaging
بسته بندی وکیوم فرمینگ توت فرنگی
Strawberry vacuum forming packaging

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