Vacuum forming machines

Vacuum forming machines and related machines have different types and their own complexities and are used to produce vacuum packaging parts for products such as food, sweets and chocolates, cosmetics and hygiene products, electronic products, tools, toys, car accessories. And… they are suitable.

In the following, we introduce the “vacuum forming devices” that are produced and sold by “Khavar Vacuum” Vacuum Forming Industries.

Fully automatic vacuum forming machine

دستگاه وكيوم تمام اتوماتيک
Fully automatic vacuum machine

In this device, the percentage of work of the operator and the device is 20% to 80% This machine fully automatically produces vacuum parts with high power and speed.

PVC, PET and HP films can be formed with this machine.

Semi-automatic vacuum forming machine

دستگاه وکیوم نیمه اتوماتیک
Semi-automatic vacuum machine

In this machine, the percentage of work of the operator and the machine is 50% to 50%. و بصورت نیمه اتوماتیک جهت تولید قطعات وکیوم فرمینگ بصورت محدود مناسب می باشد.

PVC, PET and HP films can be formed with this machine. This machine is suitable for the production of food packaging, cosmetics, electronic products, tools, toys and car accessories.

6 ton hydraulic heat press machine

دستگاه پرس حرارتی هیدرولیک (۶ تن)
Hydraulic heat press machine (6 tons)

This machine has the ability to press Talaq on cardboard with blister glue. And it is used for vacuum packaging of cards and press.

The way the press machine works is that it sticks the blistered adhesive cardboard to the plastic sheet with press pressure and heat.

The heat and stroke (the height of the press plate) can be adjusted and the dimensions of the working plate of the machine are 50 x 50 cm.

This machine is completely safe, does not cause noise pollution and does not cause any problems to work in semi-residential places, and the pressing power of this machine is from 2.5 to 6 tons.

High frequency vacuum welding and sewing machine

دستگاه دوخت و جوش وکیوم
Vacuum sewing and welding machine

This high frequency device has the ability to weld two layers of PVC vacuum to each other.

Mini desktop shrink machine

دستگاه شرینگ رومیزی مینی
Mini desktop shrink machine

Shring is the packaging that a thin and transparent cover of nylon material is stretched around the product to protect it from moisture and dust. Mini desktop shrink machine in dimensions 30*40 is suitable for shrinking packages and small products.

Rotary vacuum pumps (oil)

پمپ وکیوم (روتاری)
vacuum pump (rotary)

Rotary vacuum pump is used in various industries to create vacuum (decreasing atmospheric pressure). Rotary   in the word means rotating and rotating, that’s why these pumps are called rotary.

In these pumps, the two blades are rotated 180 degrees by the rotor, and in this way, the air enters from one side and exits from the other side after producing low pressure by the pump mechanism.

Rotary vacuum pumps (oil) must always have oil to prevent them from breaking down.

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