The role of packaging in product marketing and sales

One of the most important factors in marketing is advertising. And recently, packaging has also become one of the powerful elements of marketing and sales. Some say that the role of packaging in marketing and sales is more prominent than the role of advertising, because it has a significant impact on attracting customer attention. Some also say that the goal of marketing is much higher and they consider only advertising as important.

But our argument is that packaging itself is a kind of advertisement and the role of packaging is very important in marketing and sales and even advertising.

در ادامه عوامل و نقش های بسته بندی را در یک سازمان یا محصول مورد بررسی قرار می دهیم.

Providing information and product performance to the customer

One of the first roles that packaging plays, especially in selling new products, is the information provided on the packaging. For example, this information can provide recipes for food products, how to use a new electronic product, and even instructions and actions necessary during the use of a particular product.

Therefore, when products are sold in large quantities, you cannot have one salesperson for each customer, this is where the role of packaging in conveying information to the customer becomes prominent.

Below is an example of pasta packaging that provides cooking instructions, how to prepare, as well as additional information such as nutritional value and ingredients.

نقش بسته بندی : ارائه اطلاعات و کارایی محصول به مشتری
Packaging role: Providing information and product performance to the customer

Creativity in packaging helps sales

There are many examples of products that the role of creative packaging has been effective in increasing their sales and attracting customer attention. For example, take a look at the packaging design of Trident chewing gum, pistachios and strawberries, which are made with vacuum forming packaging.

خلاقیت در بسته بندی
Creativity in packaging

Such innovation in packaging will undoubtedly lead to increased sales, as customers prefer a convenient and stylish packaging to an inappropriate one.

Also, pay attention to the innovative packaging below.

The packaging of the juices is as if the fruits have been sliced.

The pasta packaging in the picture below is very attractive and creative, so it attracts the eyes of every buyer.

Personally, if I come across such packages in the store, they will definitely be my choice.

خلاقیت در بسته بندی
Creativity in packaging


In addition to attracting attention and promoting the product, packaging is also responsible for protecting it.

In fact, protection, keeping safe, fitting and transportation are the tasks and applications in which packaging plays a role.

Even simple products like milk and food items like salt and sugar are packaged because you don’t want ants or other pests to get to these products. Therefore, the most basic application of packaging is to protect the product.

The usefulness and applicability of the product can be increased by changing the packaging design. For example, bottles and storage containers and t-shirt boxes are designed to increase product productivity. And in a way, they have a dual purpose.

کاربردپذیری بسته بندی
Usability of packaging

The role of packaging in branding / packaging design

In many cases, brand recognition and brand image depend on product packaging.

For example, Mother Biscuit, which is known for its special packaging, which is very lovely and memorable.

نقش بسته بندی در نام تجاری / طراحی بسته بندی
The role of packaging in branding / packaging design

In addition to Mother Biscuits, there are other brand names that are very popular with their packaging style, Mino products such as Pofakk, saqe talaei, etc. They are known by this packaging.

نقش بسته بندی در نام تجاری / طراحی بسته بندی
The role of packaging in branding / packaging design

Such products, with special packaging and coloring, are the symbol of the manufacturing company, and these products are known and valid for every consumer.

Brand recognition / brand recognition

Brand recognition means that the customer, as soon as she encounters the brand signs such as logo, slogan, packaging, color and even the advertising song, realizes that she has already encountered this brand and knows it. In such cases, the customer trusts the brand that is more familiar to her, and the products of that brand have a better chance of being sold.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the role of packaging in the brand name.

In order for the brand to be known, the product, packaging, packaging design, logo and slogan must be given great importance, so that it gradually becomes popular among people and becomes reliable.

See some well-known and successful brands in the image below.

شناخت برند / بازشناسی برند
Brand recognition / brand recognition


The key role of packaging is to differentiate between similar products and those of competing companies.

If you look at the products of Parjak and Sehat, you will be told that the packaging can vary between products. Each shampoo has its own packaging, color and design and even its own properties. And when the buyer goes to the supermarket, she can buy black or gold shampoo! In this way, your brand name and the color of your packaging will be in the buyer’s mind, and this means that your product is different.

تمایز در بسته بندی
Differentiation in packaging

As we said, packaging can also be a form of advertising.

You may go to a store for shopping and with the words “buy one, get two!” face And a company offers another product for free in exchange for buying one product. For example, by buying a package of shrimp, he will give you another package for free.

تبلیغات (بسته بندی تبلیغاتی)
Advertising (promotional packaging)

Or buy a Gillette, shave gel and towel or get a few razors for free.

تبلیغات (بسته بندی تبلیغاتی)
Advertising (promotional packaging)

Such advertising is undoubtedly dependent on the packaging and goes along with the product.

Decision making

Finally, the main role of packaging is in the customer’s decision. In a way, the packaging is the last seller of the product! And it has a direct impact on the customer’s decision, that’s why it is very important.

It happens that you invest a lot in advertising, brand recognition, marketing and sales and draw customers to the store or behind the store window, in most cases, the customer’s decision to buy is influenced by the product packaging. take For example, there is an old philosophy that says that most people will be tempted to buy a book when they see a beautiful cover.

Therefore, the way the product is packaged and covered has a direct impact on its sales.

تاثیر جلد کتاب در فروش آن
The effect of book cover on its sales

We hope this article was useful for you.

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