Packaging purposes

Physical protection

The product inside the package needs to be protected against other factors such as impact, vibration, pressure, heat, etc.

Protective layer and barrier

Protection against the ingress of oxygen, water vapor, dust, ultraviolet rays, etc., are considered in the packaging.

Maintaining the quality of the contents inside the package and prolonging its life is one of the most important tasks of packaging.


Information such as how to store and use the product, transport, how to remove or destroy packages or products; They are printed on the packages or stuck on them as stickers.


Packaging and labels can be used by marketers to persuade potential customers to buy the product. Package design is a fixed and important external appearance that can be used to introduce the brand to customers. Marketing communications and graphic designs are used to showcase the package and in most cases as the main selling point.


Packaging plays an important and fundamental role in reducing the security risk for the health of the cargo. Packages with a suitable resistance coating can be better in reducing damage and also preventing tampering with the desired product.

Packages can be organized and engineered to reduce the risk of tampering and unauthorized access to goods: Some packages are insulated to prevent unauthorized access, and some are sealed to prevent tampering. Packages can also include gadgets such as buzzer packages or RFID tags.


Packages should have features that make it easy to distribute, move, display, open and reseal, sell, use and reuse.

Packaging refers to a coordination system whose purpose is to prepare goods for transportation, distribution, storage, sale and consumption. Packaging is a complex, dynamic, scientific, artistic business operation that, in its most basic form, includes the functions of protection, storage, transportation, information, and sales. Packaging is a service function that cannot exist by itself because it requires a product. If there is no product, there will be no packaging.

Vacuum forming packaging is also one of the best packaging methods for products such as cosmetics, tools, food, sweets and chocolates, electronic products, toys, car accessories, etc.

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