Creative and unique packaging design (Part 5)

Let the product show itself

If you have a quality and stylish product, let it speak for itself, to attract the audience with its quality and attractive appearance.

In such cases, instead of being hidden, the product should be placed in transparent packaging such as vacuum forming packaging to show itself.

In the picture below, the socks with transparent packaging look very high quality and great and attract the audience.

بسته بندی جوراب بصورت شفاف
Transparent packaging of socks

Not using complex packaging

Packaging costs you, to ignore the cost of packaging, you can use very simple packaging and reduce costs.

For example, the picture below is the packaging of the cable, which is very simply packaged with a minimally printed cardboard that has suitable designs and colors to attract the audience.

بسته بندی ساده کابل
Simple cable packaging

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