Creative and unique packaging design (part 3)

Consider the use of the product

If your product is something that is worth giving as a gift or is one of the gift products, it is better to pack it in the following way. In the picture below, a lemonade is packaged and gift-wrapped in a way that is suitable for giving as a gift.

بسته بندی لیموناد بصورت کادویی
Lemonade packaging as a gift

Use of modeling and conceptual designs

You don’t have to use realistic images in your product packaging. You can also use images and conceptual designs.

For example, in the package, the face and hair of a woman are placed on the package, and the hair covers the entire package.

At first glance, the meaning of these lines may not be fully understood, but with a closer look, while being aware of the shape on the package, the desired feeling is also induced to the audience in relation to the product.

بسته بندی کرم نرم کننده مو
Hair conditioner packaging

Do not limit yourself

If you have a product that is a bit difficult to implement creative ideas on its packaging, don’t worry. Because there is no limit to creativity.

For example, the image below shows the creative and special packaging of a soap that is designed without regard to the packaging of similar products and is placed in a folding package that is closed with a rubber band.

This packaging has a special effect compared to similar products and looks very special in the eyes of the buyer.

بسته بندی خلاقانه صابون
Creative soap packaging

Be new and modern

Modern and contemporary designs are sleek, simple and outstanding. To achieve such designs in packaging, simple lines and colors and sans-serif fonts should be used.

For example, the packaging below has taken a very modern approach and has become a neutral product that makes any viewer curious to see inside the packaging.

بسته بندی مدرن و جدید
Modern and new packaging

Use of different materials and textures

Instead of using texture visually, use texture physically. In this case, people can interact with the packaging in addition to the visual sense with the sense of touch.

The following product is used to repel insects, the embossed texture of the bottom of the package not only helps you grip the product firmly, but also gives your hands an interesting feeling.

استفاده از بافت برجسته
Use of embossed texture

Being transparent and using the attractiveness of the product

If your product has a bright and attractive color, you can use these features in a transparent package and give an interesting effect to your package.

For example, candies and Smarties have different colors, you can show your product attractive and tasty with a transparent package (so that it can be seen inside the package).

بسته بندی شفاف و بسته بندی با رنگ های روش
Transparent packaging and packaging with method colors

Vacuum forming packaging has such a feature, we suggest you use this packaging to package your products.

بسته بندی وکیوم فرمینگ توت فرنگی
Strawberry vacuum forming packaging
وکیوم فرمینگ ظرف تاشو میوه
Vacuum forming fruit folding container

Tell a short and conceptual story

If you can tell a story with your packaging, people love stories and will be amazed if you can convey a message or concept to them!

For example, in the packaging below, the story of authenticity and woodenness of the product is depicted with interesting creativity.

بسته بندی خلاقانه وسایل چوبی آشپزی
Creative packaging of wooden cooking utensils

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