Creative and unique packaging design (part 2)

Pay attention to the behavior, feelings and type of audience

If your product is produced for a certain segment of the society, consider the behaviors, attitudes and emotions that the audience will do when interacting with the product.

Here the product is a luxurious comfortable slipper, which is placed in a bag other than the cardboard package to protect it from dust. Definitely, when the customer opens the package and then takes the product out of the bag, the feeling of the luxury of the product will be induced to her.

بسته بندی لوکس دمپایی راحتی
Luxury packaging of comfort slippers

The simple act of layering makes this product look luxurious and entices the audience to spend a little extra.

Packaging and product complement each other

Make sure that the packaging design complements the contents of the package.

The packaging looks simple and natural, just like what’s inside the package. In such packages, the audience sees the inside of the package clearly, so they make a purchase with confidence, because the manufacturer has displayed the inside of the package with honesty and confidence.

شفافیت در بسته بندی
Transparency in packaging

Vacuum forming is one of the packaging methods that can be transparent and display the contents of the package and allow the audience to view, check and finally make a safe purchase.

Being fun and happy

Make the packaging fun and funny as much as possible.

This packaging is extremely attractive and cute at the same time. The designs and colors used on the packaging are cheerful and fun, and besides, the packaging still has transparency, which allows the audience to see the inside of the packaging and have a good feeling about the packaging and the product when buying.

بسته بندی وکیوم فرمینگ توت فرنگی
Strawberry vacuum forming packaging

Being prominent and impressive

Using different colors and shapes in the packaging design is a great way to make the packaging stand out. This packaging uses these items and has a very unique look and looks very happy and fun. And if you choose it, it will make you feel good.

یک بسته بندی چشمگیر و برجسته
An impressive and outstanding packaging


If you have a product that many people produce. Try to be innovative in the way you package and display it. For example, we usually see honey in glass packaging and hexagonal designs, but in the packaging below, we have innovated and used wax to produce it, and even the customer can use the packaging as a candle after the honey is finished. Also use!

بسته بندی خلاقانه عسل
Creative honey packaging

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