Blister packaging (vacuum forming)

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Blister packaging includes several types of packaging with vacuum forming and cold forming processes, which are used for small consumer goods, foods and medicines.

Bubble vacuum packaging is a clear bubble container or capsule that is made by the process of vacuum forming and thermal shaping. And usually the other side of the container is covered with cardboard, plastic or aluminum foil to protect the product. Some bubble wraps are clamshell or folding.

Bubble wrap is useful for protecting the product against external factors such as moisture and pollution for a long time. Blister packaging is useful for protecting the product against external factors such as moisture and pollution for a long time.


Blister packaging is used to package products such as toys, electronics, tools, medicine, etc.

Many blister packaging machines use heat, mold pressure and air suction to shape the plastic sheet.

In recent years, cold forming has also made great progress, so that it is possible to form in the fastest time and with the least amount of material at any angle and depth.

Here, the meaning of cold forming is the forming of aluminum foils, which are used for packing pills and special medicines. The main advantage of bubble wrap with plastic, compared to aluminum, is its transparency and visibility of the product.

Packaging of consumer goods

One of the so-called blister packs Card vacuum packaging is called, in which goods such as toys, tools and electrical and electronic devices are placed between a molded plastic shell (PVC) and a cardboard sheet that is usually printed.

In this type of packaging, the plastic shell is designed and produced in such a way that it covers the product completely and protects it. This shell is transparent so that the buyer can visually see and check the inside of the package and the product.

بسته بندی بلیستر(بصورت کارتی)
Blister packaging (in the form of a card)

Sometimes, in this type of packaging, the plastic shell is attached to the cardboard with blister glue, and sometimes the plastic shell is designed and produced in such a way that the cardboard is placed inside the shell and under the product, and then the shell is glued to the cardboard by heat and pressing.

In some packaging, the shell or vacuum piece is designed so that the cardboard is placed inside it, and then the shell is glued together with thermal stitching.

Also, some card packages are designed as a sliding or three-sided bend so that the cardboard card can be slid inside.

In this type of packaging, for some products such as electronics and tools, the top of the packaging is pierced, so that it is possible to hang it in stores.

Folding or clamshell packaging

clamshell vacuum packaging is a type of packaging that uses a one-piece hinged container to store different products.

The shell container, which is similar to the body structure of a sea shell, consists of two pieces of a lid and a body stuck together. Shell containers are generally made of plastic and transparent.

بسته بندی حبابی (صدفی یا تاشو)
Shell or folding packaging

There are two types of clam or folding packaging, in one case, the lid is attached to the body, which can be opened easily, and in the other case, the lid is attached to the body with heat and pressure. Scissors or a knife should be used to open the second type of door.

Drug packaging

Blister packaging is usually used to package medicinal tablets, capsules and anti-cold candies. One side of this packaging is produced by vacuum forming process and the other side is sealed with aluminum foil to increase the shelf life of the product and protect it from pollution and humidity. Aluminum foils are easily opened with thumb pressure.

بسته بندی حبابی دارو
Blister packaging of medicine

The main advantage of bubble packaging of medicines compared to other methods is to ensure the health and longevity of the product and packaging. Another advantage is the possibility of printing on pills that have different dosages and need to be timed for use, so the user can take the medicine in a few weeks.

Medical folding trays

Medical trays are often used in dentistry and hospitals and are produced by vacuum forming process.

These trays are made of a thick plastic sheet. These trays are suitable for sterilizing medical devices in the hospital and are different from pharmaceutical packaging.

For the production of medical trays, sanitary materials approved by the Food and Drug Organization are used.

سینی های پزشکی
Medical trays

How to produce

Thermal forming (vacuum forming)

In this process, a mold is designed and made based on the desired product.

Then the mold is placed in the machine and then the plastic sheet is heated by the heater. In the next step, the softened sheet sits on the mold and takes the shape of the mold with air suction.

At the end, the sheet is cooled by foot to separate from the mold.

Cold forming

In cold forming, it is first designed and made based on the molded product. In this process, aluminum foil is used instead of plastic. So that the aluminum foil sits on the mold with pressure and takes the shape of the mold.

The main advantage of this process is to increase the life of the product and create a complete barrier for water and oxygen. And its disadvantages include slow production speed, lack of transparency of packaging and limitations in shaping (it is not possible to shape aluminum foil at a 90 degree angle).

Materials and materials

In bubble packaging, the following materials can be used for production:

Plastic materials :

Aluminum material:
Aluminum foil for cold forming and for sealing pharmaceutical packages

Advantages of blister or bubble packaging

Save money

Blister packaging is a cost-effective method for product packaging and display. And according to the design and materials used, it is more affordable than other packaging.

There are different types of bubble wrap such as folding, sliding, full seal and interactive. Each of these packages has its own characteristics.


There are a wide variety of colors and designs that manufacturers and retailers can use in bubble wrap to attract shoppers in stores.

Blister packaging allows manufacturers to present their products to customers with a special packaging, thus establishing their brand in the market and increasing customer loyalty.

In this packaging, it is also possible to use a printed cardboard card, and this gives a suitable advertising space to the packaging.

Transparency in product display

Bubble or blister packaging helps buyers to see and check the product they want well and then make a purchase.

More than half of the buyers believe that it is better to see the product before buying. Therefore, blister packaging is very suitable for this purpose.

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