Applications of vacuum forming (globally and advanced)

The applications of vacuum forming are far beyond the packaging industry, it is not bad to have a relative familiarity with them. In this article, we are going to introduce you to most of the applications of vacuum forming. Stay with “Khavar Vacuum” Vacuum Forming Packaging Industries website.

Aviation industry

  • The interior panels of the aircraft, the covering and covering of the interior parts of the NASA space shuttle

Agriculture and Livestock

  • Seed planting trays, pots, small dome greenhouses
  • Containers and containers for animals containing calf milk,
  • Parts of agricultural machinery, cabins and covers of lawn mowers
سینی کاشت بذر
Seed planting tray
سینی کاشت بذر
Seed planting tray

Designing architectural models

  • Production of miniature parts for architectural models
  • Production of prototypes

Automobile and vehicle industry

  • Interior parts of car and truck doors, hoods, wind deflectors and rain deflectors for car windows
  • Ski box and holder clip
  • Scooter parts such as covers, bumpers or bumpers, protective panels
  • Battery compartment and electronic systems, seat backs, door inner seams and car interior parts
  • Car and motorcycle windshields, golf cart parts such as seats and trays
  • Tractor cabin parts, internal parts of camper cars and…
جعبه چوب اسکی
Box of skis
شیشه جلو موتور سیکلت
Motorcycle windshield

Construction and building industry

  • Door frame and PVC door panels, formwork production for concrete paving
  • False ceiling and false wall panels and fireplace designs
پنل درب پی وی سی
PVC door panel
پنل سقف کاذب
False ceiling panel

boat building

  • Motor boat body, cover and compartments, boat dashboard
قایق مسابقه ای وکیوم فرمینگ
Vacuum forming racing boat

Sweets and chocolates

وكيوم استند شكلات
Chocolate vacuum stand
استند بيسكوئيت بصورت وكيوم
Vacuum biscuit stand
قالب شیرینی و ژله
Candy and jelly mold

Computer accessories

  • Production of frames and screen frames
  • Soft and transparent protector for the keyboard and other peripherals
محافظ صفحه کلید
Keyboard protector


  • Production of prototypes and implementation of pre-production
  • Prototype and concept for other plastic processing

Film and media

  • Production of special plastic clothes
  • Animation models and examples for computer simulations
ماسک وکیوم فرمینگ
Vacuum forming mask
ماسک وکیوم فرمینگ
Vacuum forming mask

Home and kitchen appliances

  • Seat and back of the seat
  • place (tray) for spoons and forks
  • Kitchen containers and storage containers
جا قاشق چنگال
Fork and spoon holder, vacuum forming
جا قاشق چنگال
Spoon and fork holder

Medical and hospital applications

  • Radiotherapy masks for the treatment of cancer patients
  • Face mask for burns
  • Prosthetic parts
  • Dentistry
  • Wheelchair parts and medical devices for disabled people
  • Production of medical trays
  • Packaging of ampoules and syringes
  • Tablet packaging

Production of industrial machinery

  • Making protective devices and electrical enclosures

Production of car and airplane models (toys)

  • Making the body and other parts of model or scaled-down cars and airplanes


  • Various applications in science museums and natural history museums

Packaging and related industries

  • Shop stands
  • Disposable food trays and containers
  • Cosmetics packaging and stand
  • Bubble packaging of various products, skin packaging of food products, glasses and fast food containers
  • Folding packaging
وکیوم فرمینگ لوازم آرایشی و بهداشتی
Vacuum forming of cosmetics
استند لوازم آرایشی
Cosmetics stand
وکیوم فرمینگ (ظرف تاشو)
Vacuum forming (folding container)

Panel making

  • Production of prominent letters and shapes in panel making


  • The use of educational assistance for the study and processing of plastic and polymer materials in universities

Electronics industry

  • Production of enclosures and protectors for electronic equipment
  • Antistatic trays

hygiene industry

  • Bathroom accessories, bathtub, jacuzzi

sport equipments

  • Helmet, protector


  • Action figures of characters, toy packaging, dolls and prototyping

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