Application of vacuum forming in product packaging (vacuum forming packaging)


Packaging is a protection that guarantees the health of the product from production to consumption and is responsible for identifying and maintaining the product. The most basic purpose of packaging is to provide the healthiest and most economical way to deliver goods from the point of production to the consumer. Therefore, packaging acts as a strong and effective action in the long process of production, distribution and marketing.

Today, packaging has become an integral part of products because packaging has a great impact on the sale and marketing of a product, in fact, packaging is the cheapest way of advertising in terms of advertising. A stylish packaging can convince the buyer to buy the product. Therefore, packaging is an essential part of a product.

Product packaging methods

There are various methods for packaging products, such as using cardboard, glass, metal boxes, etc., but one of the best and most stylish ways for packaging is the use of the new “vacuum forming” method.

Application of vacuum forming in packaging (vacuum forming packaging)

Vacuum forming is very economical because it is a very low-cost, easy and widely used process.

In vacuum forming packaging, the type of plastic used, color, size and thickness can be determined, and even printed cardboard can be used in combination to double the beauty of the packaging.

وكيوم استند شكلات
Chocolate vacuum stand
وكيوم استند ظروف غذا
Vacuum stand for food containers
وكيوم فرمینگ موس کامپیوتر
Vacuum forming computer mouse

The plastic or film used in vacuum forming packaging depends on the type of product, for example, HP and PET sanitary films are used for food products, sweets and chocolates, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. And PVC film is used for products such as electronics, tools, etc.

In vacuum forming packaging, first a suitable mold is designed and made for the desired product, and then the production of the packaging begins using the mold and vacuum forming machines.

استند محصول
Product stand
وکیوم استند محصول
Product vacuum stand
قالب وکیوم فرمینگ
Vacuum forming mold

For example, for the product set above, which has different parts, a suitable mold must first be designed and made in order to start the production process using that mold and vacuum forming machines.

The vacuum forming method can be used to package the following products:

  • Foodstuffs
  • Sweets and chocolates
  • pharmaceutical products
  • cosmetics
  • Electronic products
  • Technical tools
  • toy
  • Car accessories
  • Etc

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